Project Status

qcap is currently around version 0.1.1. We are currently finding a stable API, and bug hunting.

Upcoming Changes

The project plan can be found in the CVS repository. It provides a detailed plan of upcoming changes, and an explanation of the version number scheme. The current version is available via ViewCVS.

Known Bugs

  • The libnids modifications prevent duplicate packets from being handled properly. Thus far, we have only been able to test traces with multiple ACK packets, that are without payload. We're not too sure what duplicate packets with payloads will cause.
  • Grammars are currently one-sided, the parser of the server side of a conversation is independent of the client side.
  • Grammar acceptance is not handled gracefully. We have a greedy parser that notifies its callbacks whenever a match is made, even if the match is part of a larger production that later fails.